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Cochise County Cemeteries

Many thanks to Billie Walsh for generously sharing this information

These are all that we know of. If you have info on any others, please contact us.

FaG stands for Find A Grave
AGPP stands for Arizona Gravestone Photo Project

Mapmeans there is a map
Camera means headstone pictures and/or pictures of the cemetery

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Feature Name Latitude Longitude Links Remarks
Adams Family Cemetery AGPPPhotographs Also: Dragoon Springs
Adling Family
Allen Family Cemetery 31.37500 -110.15980 FaGMapPhotographs Miracle Valley
Apache Cemetery 314043N 1090750W FaGMapPhotographs
Apodaca Cemetery 321141N 1101803W FaGMap
Ash Canyon Cemetery FaG
Ashworth Gravesite 31.47091 -110.20747 FaGMap
Benson Cemetery 315732N 1101819W FaGMapCamera Also: High Street
Old Benson Cemetery 31.96423 -110.29341 FaGMapCamera
Also: 7th Street Cemetery
Berry Family Cemetery FaG
Biederman Homestead Burial Site 31.43878 -110.29058 FaGCamera Charles Biederman Burial Site
Bisbee City Cemetery 31.43050 -109.88910 FaGMapCamera Evergreen Cemetery
Bisbee Douglas Jewish Cemetery 31.33650 -109.53060 FaGMapCamera
Black Diamond Cemetery
Boothill Graveyard 314312N 1100413W FaGMapCamera
Bowie Desert Rest Cemetery 32.33250 -109.48580 FaGMapCamera Desert Rest Cemetery
Brunckow's Cabin 31.63851 -110.15754 FaGMapCamera Brunckow's Cabin was built in the late 1850s by Frederick Brunckow at his silver mine near what would later become the towns of Charleston and Millville, Arizona. In 1860, Brunckow and two of his employees were murdered at the cabin and buried just outside of it. Over the next several years, many other people were killed and buried at the cabin as well, and as a result it developed a reputation for being haunted.
Calvary Cemetery 312014N 1093220W FaGMapCamera
Calvary Memorial Park 31.33556 -109.53938 FaGMapCamera Douglas City Cemetery
Campstone Cemetery 31.64330 -110.34800 FaGMapCamera Huachuca Siding
Carr Homestead 31.44258 -110.28439 FaGMapCamera
Cascabel Cemetery 32.25722 -110.33433 FaGMapCamera
Charleston Cemetery 31.63573 -110.17756 FaGMapCamera
Chiricahua Wilderness FaG
Circle Bar Ranch Cemetery 31.92050 -110.42285 FaGMap
Cochise Cemetery 32.09350 -109.90820 FaGMapCamera
Cochise Gardens of Rest Cemetery 315659N 1101727W FaGMapCamera
Cochise Memory Gardens 31.56980 -110.22830 FaGMapCamera
Contention City Cemetery 31.76967 -110.20177 FaGMapCamera
Cottonwood Creek Cemetery 312723N 1090725W FaG
Courtland Cemetery 31.76340 -109.80240 FaGMapCamera
Desert Rest Cemetery 321957N 1092910W FaGMapCamera
Bowie Desert Rest Cemetery
Dos Cabezas Pioneer Cemetery 32.17650 -109.62410 FaGMapCamera
Dragoon Cemetery 32.03782 -110.07790 FaGMapCamera
Also: Texas Canyon Pioneer Cemetery
Dragoon Springs Cemetery 320216N 1100441W FaGMapCamera Also: Adams Family
East Whitetail Canyon AGPPCamera On private property under an oak tree.
El Dorado Cemetery 32.00170 -109.40500 FaGMapCamera Neighborhood Cemetery
Elfrida Cemetery 31.71055 -109.67050 FaGMapCamera Whitewater Cemetery
Elfrida Van Meter Park 31.67843 -109.68676 FaGMapCamera
Elisha Smith Gravesite 31.34645 -109.72303 FaGMap
Erickson Cemetery 320030N 1092315W FaGMapCamera
Escudero Ranch Cemetery
Evergreen Cemetery 312551N 1095325W FaGMapCamera
Also: Bisbee City Cemetery
Fairbank Cemetery 31.72970 -110.18670 FaGMapCamera
Faith Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden 31.48960 -110.27830 FaGMap
Forrest Ranch Family Cemetery FaG
Fort Bowie National Historic Park 32.14611 -109.43556 FaGMap
Fort Bowie Post Cemetery 32.14660 -109.44830 FaGMapCamera
Fort Huachuca Post Cemetery 313255N 1102237W FaGMapCamera
Frierson Gravesite 31.47180 -110.30142 FaGMapCamera
Fry Cemetery 31.55608 -110.29187 FaGMapCamera Fry Pioneer Cemetery
Gamez Cemetery 32.34820 -110.41990 FaGMapCamera
Giddings Grave 322015N 1090314W
Gleeson Cemetery 31.73060 -109.83550 FaGMapCamera
Hall Ranch Cemetery FaG
Hannon Family Cemetery FaGCamera
Harkey Ranch Cemetery FaG
High Street Cemetery 31.95920 -110.30470 FaGMapCamera
Benson City Cemetery
Historic Cemetery of the Southern Arizona Veterans 31.54110 -110.30500 FaGMapCamera Historical Soldier Memorial Cemetery
The first burials within the Historic Cemetery were for the partial remains of 60 soldiers and family members found during a construction project in Tucson at the site of the old Fort Lowell Cemetery.
Holy Trinity Monastary Cemetery 31.87690 -110.21360 FaGMapCamera
Homewood Cemetery 32.26450 -109.24630 FaGMapCamera San Simon Cemetery
Hudson Family Cemetery FaG
Hughes Ranch Cemetery FaG
Hunt Cemetery FaG
Hurtado Family Ranch Cemetery 32.19269 -109.56414 FaGMap
Igo Ranch Family Cemetery FaG
J. S. Potter Gravesite FaG
James Kelly Ranch Cemetery FaG
John Edward Hands Gravesite 31.91480 -109.14230 FaGMap John Hand Icon
John F. Ashworth Gravesite FaG
John James Gidding Gravesite 32.33750 -109.05330 FaGMap
Johnny Ringo State Historical Landmark 31.86562 -109.41875 FaGMapCamera
Johnson Cemetery FaGCamera
Johnson Mine Cemetery 32.07620 -110.07470 FaGMapCamera
Russellville-Dragoon Cemetery
Kambitsch Cemetery 315122N 1093231W FaGMapCamera
Klump Family Ranch Cemetery 32.25951 -109.65383 FaGMap
Leake Cemetery 31.43430 -109.62906 FaGMapCamera
Light Cemetery 315508N 1093807W FaGMapCamera
Lone Mountain Cemetery FaG Lone Mountain Cemetery is located on the old Hand’s homestead and has only six interments. Five of these people were murdered; four on the same day. There are two different grave sites on the Lone Mountain Ranch. Peter Hand is at one and the other five people are at the other.
Lovelady Family Cemetery 31.67047 -109.64418 FaGMapCamera This small cemetery is located 2 1/2 miles southeast of Elfrida, off Whitewater School Road. It is sometimes unofficially referred to as Whitewater School Rd. Cemetery. The burial ground is on private property and is not accessible to the public. Of the six burials, five names of the Lovelady family are engraved on a single modern marker: Thomas Lovelady, his wife Delila, their daughter Mary (Lovelady) Wilmeth and two of her children. The sixth burial, which has no grave marker, was an infant of a family named Wells. The last burial occurred in 1922.
Martin Ranch Cemetery 32.24388 -109.73831 FaGMap
McClelland Gravesite FaG
McNeal Cemetery 313553N 1093917W FaGMapCamera
Memory Gardens Cemetery 31.39293 -109.93690 FaGMapCamera
Mesa Draw Gravesite 31.66169 -109.46584 FaG
Mescal Cemetery FaG
Michael Keating Gravesite FaG
Miracle Valley Cemetery 31.37500 -110.15980 FaGMapCamera
Miramonte Cemetery Fag
Morris Family Farm Burial Site 31.86047 -109.55703 FaGMap
Mother Teresa Columbarium 31.48210 -110.28460 FaGMapCamera Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church Cemetery
Murphy-Exline Family Cemetery FaG
Naco Cemetery 31.35390 -109.95130 FaGMapCamera
Navajo Family Burial Grounds FaG
Neighborhood Cemetery 320006N 1092421W FaGMapCamera El Dorado Cemetery
Newman Ranch Family Cemetery 31.46955 -110.28038 FaGMap
Old Bisbee City Park Cemetery 31.44634 -109.91337 FaGMap Defunct
Originally located in Brewery Gulch, the original Bisbee cemetery was replaced by Evergreen Cemetery in 1892, when citizens suggested that having an active cemetery uphill from the community water source might bring health issues. Transfer of the Old Bisbee interments to Evergreen began in 1914.
Old Leslie Ranch Cemetery 31.61500 -109.47267 FaGMap Old Magnolia Ranch Cemetery
Cemetery notes and/or description: Originally known as the Magnolia Ranch, it was owned by Milt Joyce, proprietor of the Oriental Saloon in Tombstone, with a ¼ stake belonging to “Buckskin Frank” Leslie who managed most of the ranching business. Since Leslie spent more time there than Joyce, the Magnolia was often referred to as Leslie's ranch. When Leslie's wife May filed for divorce in 1887, she was given half of Leslies interest in the ranch by the court, which she immediately sold back to Milt Joyce. Leslie eventually sold his ⅛th share to Joyce, but continued to manage the ranch. It was there that Leslie shot both James Neal and Mollie Williams.
Old MacNab Ranch Cemetery FaG
Old Sacred Heart Cemetery AGPPCamera
Paradise Cemetery 315554N 1091229W FaGMapCamera
Paul Spur Cemetery 31.36650 -109.73580 FaGMapCamera
Pearce Cemetery 315429N 1094948W FaGMapCamera
Pinery Cemetery 31.97076 -109.32654 FaGMap
Pirtleville Cemetery 31.36391 -109.57949 FaGMapCamera
Pomerene Cemetery 32.00430 -110.28170 FaGMapCamera
Robinson Cemetery
Poteet Cemetery FaG
Presidio of Santa Cruz de Terrenate Cemetery 31.74975 -110.20428 FaGMap
Pressey Homestead Cemetery FaG
Railroad Park 32.25260 -109.83070 FaGMapCamera
Ramsey Canyon Cemetery FaG Ramsey Pioneer Cemeter
Ratliff Gravesites FaG
Reed Cemetery 31.88101 -109.18882 FaGMap
Riggs Cemetery 320141N 1092746W FaGMapCamera
Round Valley Cemetery FaG
Rucker Cemetery 314403N 1092919W FaGMapCamera
Russellville-Dragoon Cemetery 32.07620 -110.07470 FaGMapCamera Johnson Mine Cemetery
Sacred Heart Cemetery 312154N 1093442W FaGMapCamera
Saint Andrew the Apostle Memorial Garden 31.56288 -110.30193 FaGMapCamera
Santa Cruz de Terrenate Cemetery AGPPCamera
Saint David Cemetery 315158N 1101220W FaGMapCamera
Saint Stephens Episcopal Church Columbarium 31.54098 -110.27113 FaGMap
San Simon Butterfield Station 32.25150 -109.19990 FaGMap
Sanders Ranch Cemetery 31.86571 -109.41828 FaGMap
Schieffelin Gravesite 31.73075 -110.10340 FaGMapCamera
Seventh Street Cemetery 31.96423 -110.29341 FaGMapCamera
Sierra Evangelical Lutheran Church Columbarium 31.55621 -110.28161 FaGMap
Sierra Vista United Methodist Church Columbarium 31.51042 -110.26515 FaGMap
Slaughter Family Cemetery 31.34093 -109.26602 FaGMap
Smith Carlton Family Cemetery FaG
Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery 31.53994 -110.30073 FaGMap
Sulphur Springs Cemetery 320303N 1094650W FaGMapCamera
Sunnyside Cemetery 312532N 1102433W FaGMapCamera
Sunset Cemetery 32.25888 -109.85569 FaGMapCamera
Texas Canyon Pioneer Cemetery 32.03782 -110.07790 FaGMapCamera Dragoon Cemetery
Tombstone Cemetery 314303N 1100445W FaGMapCamera
Old Tombstone Cemetery
Tombstone Cemetery New Addition 31.71844 -110.08137 FaGMapCamera
Tompkins Memorial Park 313157N 1101727W
Tres Alamos Cemetery FaG
Tufa Cemetery FaG
Twiston Cemetery FaG
Watson Family Ranch Cemetery FaG
Wells Family Cemetery 312635N 1093010W FaGMapCamera
West Railroad Drive Burial Ground FaGCamera
Whitewater Cemetery 31.71055 -109.67050 FaGMapCamera
Old Whitewater Cemetery
Elfreda Cemetery
Willcox Cemetery 32.25680 -109.82290 FaGMapCamera
Willcox Pioneer Cemeter
Wills Cemetery 31.39739 -109.60067 FaGMapCamera

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