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Dear Mr. Santee:

Notice the similarity between the account of Mrs. Spicer relating the death of the man who killed her first husband,
and the story of Mrs. Amy McDonald, relating the death of her brother-in-law Mr. Hazelwood. (I sent you Mrs.
McDonald’s story some weeks ago.) I have talked with Mr. Hazelwood’s widow, who lives in Douglas. She of
course gives no hint that her husband was ever in trouble, but she tells of a hard struggle to support her children, and
then her husband’s death some time afterward. I am convinced that Mr. Hazelwood was the murderer of Mr. Bryee,
Mrs. Spicer’s first husband. It is stranger than fiction that both widows should be living in Douglas. Mrs. Spicer’s
name is often in the paper, but of course her name is different. The two women are quite old now, and live in
different sections of town. I would not like to have it known, since Mrs. Spicer tells of one of her sons having tried
to kill a member of the other family years after the murder occurred. But is seems quite remarkable.
Helen Smith.

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