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Transcribed by Vynette Sage
Parent or Guardian Child 1914
Barnett D.G. Delton Barnett 1914
Edington E.E. Velma Eddington 1914
Edington E.E. Roy Eddington 1914
Goodall J.R. William Goodall 1914
Goodall J.R. Robert Goodall 1914
Goodall J.R. Levi Goodall 1914
Goodall J.R. Leander Goodall 1914
Goodall J.R. Samuel Goodall 1914
Jones Boss Helen Jones 1914
Leatherman L. Cloma Leatherman 1914
Leatherman L. Loal Leatherman 1914
Lee John Vencen Lee 1914
Lee John Barney Lee 1914
Lee John Auther Lee 1914
Lee John Clell Lee 1914
Miller John Roy Miller 1914
Miller John Millie Miller 1914
Stits H.D. Ethel Stits 1914
Stits H.D. Oliee Stits 1914
Stits H.D. Dollie Stits 1914
Vest T.L. Vera Vest 1914
Vest T.L. Roy Vest 1914
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