November 23, 2017Look Ups
Transcribed by Vynette Sage
Parent or Guardian Child 1910
Crane P.B. Frank Crane 1910
Crane P.B. Lorin Crane 1910
Crane P.B. Lucy Crane 1910
Cunningham Mrs. Peter Patrick Cunningham 1910
Cunningham Mrs. Peter Catherine Cunningham 1910
Cunningham Mrs. Peter Peter Cunningham 1910
Davis Mr. Anna Davis 1910
Hannon C.R. Aubry Hannon 1910
Keahey George John Keahey 1910
Keahey George George Keahey 1910
Keahey George Marion Keahey 1910
Keahey George Henry Keahey 1910
Keahey George Earnest Keahey 1910
Yate Agnes Caliga Yate 1910
Yate Agnes Vera Yate 1910
Yate Agnes Viola Yate 1910
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