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Notes on Red Cross 1943 Cochise County: Printed in the "Arizona Ranger News"
Willcox, Arizona, Friday, April 9, 1943.


The Red Cross drive successfully came to an end here April 5 when Mrs. W.L. Johnson sent into the Tucson chapter for her husband, W.L. Johnson, Chairman, $4, 178.13, from the district which was $178.13 over the quota.

Aside from the regular contributions, two Red Cross dances were given, one at Pearce when that community raised $88.24, and one at Willcox given by the Woman's Club when $98.80 was raised. Mrs. Huddy donated the hall at Pearce and the music was given by the Douglas Airbase orchestra. At Willcox the music was by Mr. and Mrs. Greer, Mr. Eikenberry, Robert Kirby, George Takagi, and food was brought in by many.

The amount raised by each community was:
Willcox $2,219.13, Dos Cabazas $523.65, Pearce and Cochise $631.74, Bowie $384.68, and San Simon $418.93.

Compiled by Wilola Follett and transcribed by Vynette Sage.

Abaloa, Seberono Bowie
Adams, Lloyd San Simon
Adams, Mrs. Lola San Simon
Adcock, Frank M. Willcox
Adcock, Sam Willcox
Adling, Robert Willcox
Aguilar, Francisco Willcox
Aldrich, M.W. Bowie
Aldrick, Mrs. W.M. Bowie
Aling, Pete Willcox
Alix, Argicalo M. Bowie
Allen, Mr. And Mrs. George Willcox
Allen, Mrs. Horace Willcox
Amalong, Jess E. Bowie
American Legion Willcox
Anaya, Hito Willcox
Anaya, Joe Willcox
Anaya, Mrs. Jose Willcox
Anderson, C.O. Willcox
Anderson, Ersel Willcox
Anderson, Matilda H. Dos Cabezas
Anonymous Willcox
Armagnac, Katherine Willcox
Arsala, Mucadis Willcox
Atwood, Howard Willcox
Atwood, W.C. Willcox
Avila, Vicky Willcox
Ayala, Mrs. Ramon Willcox
Ayala, Natalia Willcox
Ayala, Valentino Willcox
Bacheller, Bill Willcox
Baker, J.S.T. Dos Cabezas
Baker, Mr. And Mrs. A.J. San Simon
Baker, Tom Willcox
Balyeat, Ray Willcox
Barkedale, J.C. Bowie
Barnett, Alice Willcox
Barnett, Henry Willcox
Bartlett, Harriet Cochise & Pearce
Bartlett, Lee Bowie
Bazaure, Pete Willcox
Bean, Maud Dos Cabezas
Bean, Mr. And Mrs. T.P. Dos Cabezas
Bedolla, Librada M. Willcox
Bejar, Mrs. Bob Willcox
Bejar, Mrs. Bob Willcox
Belcher, Marie Willcox
Belcher, Marie Willcox
Bennett, A.L. Willcox
Bennett, Mr. And Mrs. H.M. Dos Cabezas
Bennett, Mrs. A.L. Willcox
Bertoglio, Mamie Bowie
Bidegain, B. Willcox
Bliss, A.M. Willcox
Bloodworth, B.F. Willcox
Bloodworth, Earl Willcox
Bloodworth, Lola Merle Willcox
Boice, Chas G. Willcox
Boll, Mr. And Mrs. C.S. Bowie
Boll, Mr. And Mrs. V.M. Bowie
Booth, Mrs. San Simon
Boss, Mrs. Louise Willcox
Bott, George Willcox
Bowie Chamber of Commerce Bowie
Bowman, Ray Willcox
Boyd, Bill Willcox
Boyd, I.H. Willcox
Brailey, Mrs. Claud Willcox
Brannan, J?M. Willcox
Brasfield, Arah U. Cochise & Pearce
Briscoe, Dr. Willcox
Briscoe, Dr. B.E. Willcox
Briscoe, Mrs. Lulu Willcox
Brookbank, Myrtle Willcox
Brookreson, J.H. Willcox
Brown, Dr. L.R. And Louise Willcox
Brown, Dr. L.R. And Louise Willcox
Brown, Frank J. Willcox
Brown, George Willcox
Brown, L.M. Willcox
Brown, Pat R. Willcox
Brown, S.F. Bowie
Brown, Tom Willcox
Brown, W.W. Willcox
Browning, J.E. Willcox
Browning, Mrs. J.N. Willcox
Bruner, H.L. Jr. Cochise & Pearce
Bruner, Mrs. H.E. Cochise & Pearce
Burch, Mrs. Esther San Simon
Burnes, Marshall San Simon
Burnes, Mrs. J.F. San Simon
Burnett, Donald Cochise & Pearce
Burnett, Lea T. Cochise & Pearce
Burnett, Mrs. Grace Cochise & Pearce
Burnett, R. Cochise & Pearce
Burton, W.E. Willcox
Busenbark, Jack Cochise & Pearce
Busenbark, K. Willcox
Busenbark, Mrs. C.W. Willcox
Busenbark, Mrs. N.K. Willcox
Bushnell, Mr. Willcox
Butler, Melvin San Simon
Butler, Mr. And Mrs. Marcus San Simon
Byrd, Cecil Willcox
Byrd, Coy Willcox
Byrd, Eral Willcox
Byrd, Homer Willcox
Byrd, Roy Willcox
Caldwell, Jim Willcox
Camp, Lynn Willcox
Campbell, J.D. Willcox
Capo, Dan Willcox
Carter, Ed San Simon
Cartmell, Harvey & Sons Cochise & Pearce
Casarey, Pablo Bowie
Castaneda, Mrs. Lola Bowie
Castillo, Isabel Willcox
Catlin, Harry Willcox
Cawood, Julia Bowie
Chamberlain, Florence Bowie
Chambers, Neil Willcox
Champion, Maud Willcox
Chastain, W.L. Willcox
Cheny, Jack Bowie
Choate, Miles R. Cochise & Pearce
Christian, Virginia Willcox
Church, Clyde Willcox
Church, J.W. Willcox
Clayton, B.B. Willcox
Claytor, Mr. Kermit Willcox
Coffee, M.S. San Simon
Cohen, Barbara Bowie
Coleman, George Willcox
Collins, Euell Willcox
Collins, Tex Willcox
Conley, Chester San Simon
Connolly, Junice Bowie
Connolly, Neva Jane Bowie
Conolly, Mr. Oscar Bowie
Conolly, Mrs. Oscar Bowie
Cook, M.A. Willcox
Cook, W.L. Willcox
Cooper, T.E. Bowie
Cordes, Raymond San Simon
Cornett, Mrs. Willcox
Costillo, Tula Bowie
Courington, Ted Willcox
Courington,, Mollie Willcox
Cox, Maggie Bowie
Cox, W.C. Willcox
Cox, Wm. Bowie
Craig, Betty Willcox
Craig, Mrs. Mary Willcox
Craig, S.W. Willcox
Cravez and Family Bowie
Crawford, Mrs. C.L. Willcox
Creighton, T.C. Bowie
Cridebring, R.T. Willcox
Crookshank, Fred Willcox
Croom, Mrs. Nan Bowie
Crow, Mrs. Raymond San Simon
Cull, J.W. Bowie
Cummings, Edith Willcox
Curtis, Jim San Simon
Darcey, Chesley San Simon
Darsey, Mrs. James W. Dos Cabezas
Davis, Lillian Willcox
Davis, Lillian Willcox
DeBorde, Edd Willcox
DeBorde, Mr. And Mrs. W.I. Dos Cabezas
Deering, P.P. Willcox
Denininger, Lena Willcox
Detloff, Hugh Willcox
Dickson, Mrs. Nora Bowie
Dillan, A.M. Bowie
Dirby, Mrs. C.D. Dos Cabezas
Ditmars, Mrs. Fred Willcox
Dodson, John Bowie
Downs, Mr. And Mrs. Pete Dos Cabezas
Doyle, Irene Bowie
DuBois, Granville Cochise & Pearce
DuBois, M.E. Willcox
Duckett, Epsie Dos Cabezas
Duncan, Gladys Willcox
Duncan, Lloyd Willcox
Duncan, Lloyd Willcox
Dunlap, Mr. And Mrs. John Cochise & Pearce
Dutcher, F.W. Willcox
Ebsen, Geo. San Simon
Ebsen, Joyce San Simon
Ebsen, Phil San Simon
Edwards, Ben F. Cochise & Pearce
Egerton, C. Bowie
Elgin, John E. Cochise & Pearce
Elkenberry, Lloyd Willcox
Ellis, C.B. Willcox
Ellis, H.L. Willcox
Ellis, J.W. Willcox
Ellis, Lyter Willcox
Endinger, Frank Willcox
Enloe, L.A. Bowie
Epperson, Annie Willcox
Erickson, Ben L. San Simon
Erikson, Hans O. Cochise & Pearce
Estes, Melba Willcox
Evers, Chas. Willcox
Ewing, F.J. Willcox
Fimbres, Jesus Willcox
Flanders, Frank Willcox
Fleetham, Tom Willcox
Flores, Petia Willcox
Flores, Ygnacio Willcox
Fokes, Mrs. Willcox
Foreman, E.L. Willcox
Foster & Hollis San Simon
Fousel, T.N. Bowie
Fraker, Jess Willcox
Freeman, J.L. San Simon
Fulghum, Alberta Willcox
Fullenwider, B.H. Willcox
Fullers San Simon
Galbreath, Wm. San Simon
Galbreath, Wm. San Simon
Gallagher, Harve Willcox
Garcia, A. San Simon
Garcia, Jerome Bowie
Garcia, Joe Willcox
Garcia, Mrs. George Willcox
Garcia, Ramona Willcox
Gardenhire, Hattie Willcox
Gardner, B.A. Willcox
Gardner, Hattie Willcox
Gardner, Mrs. B.A., Sr. Willcox
Garrett, F.G. San Simon
Garrett, Tom San Simon
Garza, Mary Willcox
Gates, Mrs. J. Bowie
Gee, Mr. (Red Arrow) Willcox
Geers, Frank M. Cochise & Pearce
German, R.J. Willcox
Gibbens, B.B. Cochise & Pearce
Gibbens, Henry Willcox
Gibbens, Mrs. Irene Cochise & Pearce
Gibbens, Mrs. Irene Cochise & Pearce
Giles, M.M. Cochise & Pearce
Giles, R.R. Cochise & Pearce
Gilts, Alice Cochise & Pearce
Gleetham, Mr. And Mrs. George Cochise & Pearce
Glenn, Ira Willcox
Gonzales, Cornelia Willcox
Gonzales, Henry Bowie
Gonzales, Toney Willcox
Gordom, S.D. Willcox
Gordon, C.C. Willcox
Gordon, Mrs. Carlton Willcox
Gowie, Frank Willcox
Grace Baptist Church Willcox
Graham, Barney Cochise & Pearce
Grantham, Wes N. Willcox
Greer, Calvin Willcox
Griego, Mike C. Bowie
Grosh, George Willcox
Grusendorf, Carl H. Bowie
Grusendorf, Mrs. Nathalie San Simon
Gunterman, Fred Willcox
Gurtley, Mrs. Alice Bowie
Guynes, A.J. Willcox
Guzman, Leo San Simon
Hall, Eva Bowie
Hall, Grace Willcox
Hall, Mr. And Mrs. Geo. San Simon
Halley, Rob. Willcox
Hallmark, Mr. Willcox
Hambrich, Mrs. Willcox
Hands, Grace Dos Cabezas
Hanshaw, Roland Bowie
Harder, Wm. A. Cochise & Pearce
Hardy, L.W. Cochise & Pearce
Harper, C.B. Willcox
Harper, Earl Willcox
Harper, Earl N. Willcox
Harris, Frank R. Willcox
Harris, H.L. Willcox
Harris, James A. Willcox
Harris, Mrs. F.R. Willcox
Hart, Elijah Willcox
Hart, Ernest Willcox
Hastings, Mrs. Willcox
Hatley, Walter Cochise & Pearce
Havin, Mrs. Chas. N. Cochise & Pearce
Hawkins, T.P. Willcox
Heflin, G.B. Willcox
Henderson, D.L. Willcox
Henderson, Elizabeth Willcox
Henderson, Harry Bowie
Hernandez, Edwardo Bowie
Hernandez, Manuel Bowie
Herrell, A.R. San Simon
Herrell, Davie G. San Simon
Higgins, Tom Willcox
Hines, A. Willcox
Holland, C.M. Bowie
Holland, W.R. Dos Cabezas
Hollomon, H.K. Bowie
Holt, Guy Willcox
Home Gas & Fuel Willcox
Hooker, Harry Willcox
Hooker, Mrs. Pearl Willcox
Hooker, Petite Willcox
Huddy, Masy Cochise & Pearce
Hudson, Jim Willcox
Huffman, Hazel Willcox
Huffman, Mrs. Thos. A. Willcox
Hulsey, A.B. San Simon
Hurley, Pauline San Simon
Hurtado, Florencio Dos Cabezas
Hurtado, Mrs. F. Dos Cabezas
Hutchinson, Olive Willcox
Iigo, N.B. Cochise & Pearce
Ingle, Mrs. Willcox
Ingle, W.M. Cochise & Pearce
Irby, Jean Willcox
Irby, Mrs. F.L. Bowie
Isacks, LaVerne Willcox
Jackson, W.R. Willcox
Jeannisson, Helen B. Cochise & Pearce
Jeffcoat, A. Willcox
Jensen, George Willcox
Jensen, Lyman Willcox
Johnson, Earl Willcox
Johnson, Hazel B. Willcox
Johnson, Mrs. H.L. Willcox
Johnson, Ted W. Willcox
Johnson, Thellan Willcox
Johnson, W.E. Willcox
Johnson, W.L. Willcox
Jones, Aunie Willcox
Jones, Tom Bowie
Jordan, Ethel Willcox
Kaiser, Mr. John Bowie
Kaiser, Mrs. John Bowie
Kaiser, Mrs. W. Willcox
Kaiser, Raymond Willcox
Keane, Robert Bowie
Keeth, A.E. Willcox
Kelley, Mrs. E.J. Cochise & Pearce
Kelley, Mrs. J.B. Bowie
Kelly, E.J. Cochise & Pearce
Kendall, Les Cochise & Pearce
Kennedy, Bernice Willcox
Kennedy, John Willcox
Kimsey, Mrs. M.M. Willcox
King, Mrs. Howard Willcox
Kirby, Hardy J. Dos Cabezas
Kirby, Lynn J. Dos Cabezas
Kirby, Mrs. C.D. Dos Cabezas
Kirby, Robert Dos Cabezas
Knape, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowie
Knitter, Paul F. Cochise & Pearce
Knott, Ella K. Cochise & Pearce
Kratsberg, B.C. San Simon
Kratsberg, Bernard C. Cochise & Pearce
Kratzberg, Ben Bowie
Kratzberg, Mrs. Ben Bowie
Kratzberg, Winona, Cochise & Pearce
Kuhn, Mr. And Mrs. C.L. Willcox
Kuschel, Henry Willcox
Kuschel, Louisa Willcox
Kuschel, Norman Willcox
Lacy, Howard San Simon
Lambersoa, Martha and Elmer Dos Cabezas
Lane, Betty Willcox
Lane, Elvie Willcox
Lane, L.R. Willcox
Lange, Maud E. Cochise & Pearce
Lansford, Frances Cochise & Pearce
LaPrade, Jess Willcox
Larkin, John Willcox
Larson, Preston Willcox
Lawhon, Annie Bowie
Lawson, M.B. Willcox
Layton, Helen Willcox
Lely, Paul Willcox
Lenzner, Jack Bowie
Leon, Juana Willcox
Lewis, Frank G. Willcox
Lewis, Mrs. San Simon
Lewis, R.G. Willcox
Lewis, R.G. Willcox
Libhart, Miss Mary Louise Bowie
Logan, D.T. Willcox
Lopez Bowie
Lopez, Mrs. Lizzie Bowie
Lyall, E.A. San Simon
Maddox, Ed Willcox
Manke, Albert Cochise & Pearce
Marcellina, Mrs. Bowie
Marilyn Cafe Willcox
Martin, Doc San Simon
Martin, M.T. Willcox
Martin, Mrs. Sam San Simon
Martin, Tom Willcox
Martinez, Albert Willcox
Martinez, Jesus Bowie
Martinez, Julian San Simon
Martinez, Pete Willcox
Masonic Lodge Bowie
Masters, Del Willcox
Mayer, Mike Willcox
Mayes, Dorothy Willcox
Mayes, Lon Willcox
McAleb, Basil Willcox
McAleb, E.B. Willcox
McClintock, Mrs. Willcox
McCloud, P.W. Willcox
McCormick, Ray Willcox
McCourt, Mrs. L.V. Willcox
McEwen sisters Willcox
McGehee, Mr. J.R. Willcox
McGirk, Ralph Willcox
McGirk, W.H. Willcox
McKinney, C.L. Cochise & Pearce
McLeod, Gladys M. Cochise & Pearce
McMurray, Mrs. Willcox
McPeeters, Chas. San Simon
McPeeters, Mr. Willcox
Medlock, J.A. Willcox
Meers, R.L. Cochise & Pearce
Mellenbruch, D.F. Willcox
Mendoza, Mrs. Ramon Willcox
Meroz, Eulagio Willcox
Mexican Boys Willcox
Miens, Henry Cochise & Pearce
Miller, Chas. L. Willcox
Mills, A.L. Willcox
Milner, D.T. Willcox
Milner, Mella B. Bowie
Miranco, Ramona Willcox
Misenhimer, Hugh Willcox
Miskovich, Janie Dos Cabezas
Mocre, J. Willcox
Monzingo, G.L. Willcox
Moore, G.L. Willcox
Moore, Wm. R. Willcox
Morgan, George W. Willcox
Morgan, W.H. Willcox
Morgan, Wiley Willcox
Morris, Gene Cochise & Pearce
Mulkins, F.B. Bowie
Murphree, Mrs. Agnes Willcox
Murphy, Mr. Willcox
Myers, Harry Willcox
Myers, J.H. Willcox
Nanney, J.U. Willcox
Nash, Ham Willcox
Navarre, Max San Simon
Neal, Ernest Willcox
Neal, Freeman Willcox
Neal, H.E. Bowie
Neal, Mrs. Jack Willcox
Negri, Ernest Willcox
Nelson, R.R. Cochise & Pearce
Nelson, Raymond San Simon
Newman, Mr. And Mrs. Albert San Simon
Nichols, H.W. Willcox
Nicholson, M.J. Willcox
Night Cook, Red Arrow Willcox
Noland, A.F. San Simon
Nolting, Ernest Willcox
Nordus, Minnie Willcox
Norwood, George Willcox
O Bar O Willcox
O Bar O Cattle Co. Willcox
Odle, J.A. Willcox
Odom, W.H. Bowie
Oliver, Mrs. R.C. (and sister) Willcox
Olney, Velva Willcox
Olsen, Hazel Willcox
Orante, Gregario Bowie
Orduno, Louise Willcox
Pacheco, Joe Dos Cabezas
Page & Misenhimer Willcox
Page, G.W. Willcox
Page, Tim Willcox
Pague, Ernest Bowie
Pague, Fred Bowie
Palmer, N.N. Willcox
Pannell, Mrs. Willcox
Parker, A. Frank Willcox
Parker, Anne J. Willcox
Parker, Burt G. Willcox
Parker, Mrs. Burt G. Willcox
Parker, Mrs. Una Cochise & Pearce
Parker, W.R. Cochise & Pearce
Parkhurst, Ethel Bowie
Parkhurst, Mrs. Burt Bowie
Parks, H.O. Willcox
Parrish, Dr. F.W. Bowie
Parrish, Mrs. Marie Bowie
Pearce Union H.Sch. Benefit Dance Cochise & Pearce
Pendarvis, J.B. Bowie
Penick, Mr. And Mrs. D.A. Cochise & Pearce
Pepper, Flora J. Willcox
Perkins, Ernest Willcox
Perry, J.H. Bowie
Persch, Ruth San Simon
Persinger, C.A. Willcox
Phinizy, Gretna Willcox
Pinedo, Mrs. M.M. Willcox
Pipes, Margaret Willcox
Pittman, A.L. Willcox
Powell, M.L. Willcox
Powers, Rev. Willcox
Pregenzer, Howard Willcox
Pressey, Mattie A. Cochise & Pearce
Price, Gail Cochise & Pearce
Price, Ike Cochise & Pearce
Price, Mrs. Mary Cochise & Pearce
Pride, Ben Willcox
Ramirez, Cruz Willcox
Ramirez, Francisco Willcox
Ramirez, Lola Willcox
Ramseur, Steve Willcox
Ramsey, Eva Willcox
Ramsuer, Steve Willcox
Randall, Mrs. C.A. Willcox
Rangel, Fufino Willcox
Ratcliff, Mrs. D.C. Willcox
Ray, Mr. And Mrs. Shad San Simon
Redus, Mrs. A. Willcox
Reed, Roy Bowie
Rex, Agusta Willcox
Reynolds, W.K. Bowie
Rice, Mrs. Barbara Cochise & Pearce
Ridge, E.C. Willcox
Ridgeway, George Willcox
Riggs, B.K. Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Billy Willcox
Riggs, Cora Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Ed K. Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Ellerbe Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Helen Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Mary K. Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Mrs. John Willcox
Riggs, Mrs. Maggie Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Paul W. Cochise & Pearce
Riggs, Sark Dos Cabezas
Riggs, W.M. Dos Cabezas
Riggs, Wm. C. Willcox
Ritter & Walker Willcox
Rivera, Thomas J. Bowie
Rix, A.O. Willcox
Rix, Marlyn Willcox
Rix, Mrs. A.O. Willcox
Robertson, V.T. Cochise & Pearce
Rodrequez, Mellton Willcox
Rogers, Eli Willcox
Rojas, Fred Bowie
Rojas, Fred Bowie
Rojas, Nora Bowie
Romero, Rosalie Willcox
Rothe, K. Albert Cochise & Pearce
Rottman, Frank Willcox
Rottman, Percy Willcox
Royas, Jose Willcox
Rush, Isola Willcox
Rush, Zola Willcox
Russell, E.C. Willcox
Sanchez, Manuel Willcox
Sanchez, Mercedes Willcox
Sanchez, Roy Willcox
Sanders, Gladys Willcox
Sanders, Will Cochise & Pearce
Saner, Mrs. Buena Bowie
Saponara, Joe Willcox
Sawyer, F.E. San Simon
Saxon, H.J. Willcox
Saxon, H.J. Willcox
Saxon, Mrs. H.J. Willcox
Schafer, J.P. Bowie
Schafer, Lizzie Bowie
Schofer, Mrs. J.P. Bowie
Schwertner, Mrs. Louise Willcox
Scott, Donald Willcox
Scott, L.O. Bowie
Scott, Mr. And Mrs. H.C. San Simon
Seale, J.B. Cochise & Pearce
Seney, Ada Belle Willcox
Seymour, Rev. Bowie
Shad, Mr. And Mrs. J.L. San Simon
Shaver, Victor C. Willcox
Sheeham, Joe Willcox
Sheffield, J.D. Bowie
Shell Service Station Willcox
Shields, Ross Willcox
Shilling, Geo. M. Cochise & Pearce
Shleton, J.S. Willcox
Shrode, J.R. Willcox
Sierra Bonita Ranch Willcox
Simmons, Vardon Willcox
Skinner, Mrs. Rebecca Cochise & Pearce
Slack, K. Bowie
Slade, J.C. Bowie
Smith, A.C. Willcox
Smith, Bert San Simon
Smith, Ed P. Willcox
Smith, Henry Cochise & Pearce
Smith, Mrs. Lucille San Simon
Sommer, Harry Willcox
Sommer, J.C. Willcox
Soto, AltoGutierrez, Ramon Willcox
Soto, Catalino Willcox
Soto, Emilia A. Willcox
Soto, Francisco Willcox
Soto, Manuel Willcox
Soto, Mary Willcox
Soto, Narcisso Willcox
Southern Ariz. Pub. Service Co. Willcox
Spain, S.H. Willcox
Sparks, T.J. Cochise & Pearce
Speaks, J.E. Willcox
Spikes, A.R. Bowie
Spikes, Mrs. Nellie San Simon
St.Clair, Mrs. G. Willcox
Stafford, Thomas A. Cochise & Pearce
Staggs, W.C. Cochise & Pearce
Stailey, Ova Ewing Cochise & Pearce
Stamp, Mr. And Mrs. W.W. Bowie
Standard Station Willcox
Stansberry, M.K. San Simon
Stark, Martha Dos Cabezas
Starrett, Frieda Willcox
Stauffer, Del Willcox
Steadman, C.B. Willcox
Stephens, Florence Dos Cabezas
Stephens, John G. Dos Cabezas
Stephens, Mrs. Willcox
Stephenson, S.R. Cochise & Pearce
Stevens, Sidney Willcox
Stewart Homemakers Club Willcox
Stewart, Ada D. Willcox
Stewart, Eleanor Dos Cabezas
Stewart, Mabel Willcox
Stidham, Melvin Willcox
Sudderth, Mrs.(Troutman House) Willcox
Sulpher Springs Ladies Club Willcox
Sulpher Springs Valley Elec.Coop. Willcox
Summers, Hugh Bowie
Summerville, Jimmy San Simon
Swanner, V.F. Willcox
Sweet Shop Willcox
Swink, Mrs. Henry Willcox
Takagi, George Willcox
Takvam, O.A. Bowie
Tatom, W.A. And Mrs. Dos Cabezas
Tenney, Lymen Willcox
Thomas, George Willcox
Tillotson, Frank Willcox
Torres, Alfonso Willcox
Torres, Bertha Willcox
Torres, J.H. Willcox
Torres, Mary Willcox
Trappman, Ray Willcox
Tuck, Bill Willcox
Tuck, J.H. Willcox
Tucker, Dee Willcox
Tullas, Grover Dos Cabezas
Turley, Mrs. Willcox
Uhl, A.J. Willcox
Upchurch, Al Willcox
Upright, C.S. Willcox
Valley Store Willcox
Van Norte, J.C. Cochise & Pearce
Vaughn, Postelle San Simon
Virmond, Bertha Willcox
Waas, Wm. Willcox
Wakefield, Eugene Bowie
Walderon, Joe Willcox
Walkes, Martin Cochise & Pearce
Waller, Sam Willcox
Ward, Mrs. Mabel Willcox
Ward, R.W. Willcox
Warren, Claire Willcox
Warren, Clara Willcox
Warren, Mrs. Mila Willcox
Warren, Otto Willcox
Wass, George Willcox
Watts, Streeter San Simon
Wear, W.D., Jr. Willcox
Wear, W.D., Sr. Willcox
Wein, Ada Dos Cabezas
Welker, Lamar Bowie
Welker, W.I. Bowie
West, Sylvia Bowie
Whalen, Mrs. Ed Willcox
Whelan, Charlie Willcox
Whelan, Edna Willcox
Whelan, Wm. Willcox
Whelan, Wm. Willcox
Whitaker, Mrs. Maybelle Bowie
White, Ben Willcox
Wichtrich, Gus Willcox
Wien, Mort Dos Cabezas
Wilkerson, Talitha Willcox
Willcox Red Cross Benefit Dance Willcox
Williams, Alvie Willcox
Williams, D.A. Willcox
Williams, Jesse San Simon
Williams, John San Simon
Williamson, C.A. Willcox
Wilson, A.W. Willcox
Wilson, Arthur Willcox
Wilson, Bert Willcox
Wilson, Bruce Willcox
Wilson, Dr. J.C. Willcox
Wilson, Frances Willcox
Wilson, Gordon Willcox
Wilson, Lee Willcox
Wilson, Mrs. Arthur Willcox
Windsor, H.P. Willcox
Wisdom, Mrs. Faye Willcox
Wisner, D.E. Bowie
Woman's Club of Dos Cabezas Dos Cabezas
Women's Christian Missionary Soc. San Simon
Woolsey, Mrs. Fred Cochise & Pearce
Wootan, Clyde Willcox
Wootan, Frank Willcox
Wootan, J.O. Willcox

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