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Submitted by Elizabeth Burns, Aug 2002

V.G. Medigovich
Arizona, The Youngest State, 1913, pg 198

V.G. Medigovich, proprietor of the Palace Grocery of Bisbee, was born in Austria in 1852.  He was reared and educated in the land of his birth, where he made his home until 1873 when he emigrated to the United States.  In the month of August, that year, he arrived in Reno, Nevada, whence he shortly removed to Virginia City.  During the succeeding seven years he followed various occupations in that state, working in Bounswick's quartz mill on the Carson River about half the time.  On the 1st of September 1878, while out hunting in Nevada, Mr. Medigovich met with an accident which cost him the sight of his right eye.  Although this came at a time when he was a young man struggling to make his way in the world, he did not yield to discouragement.  In 1880 he went into the gold mining district of California, where he spent a year.  At the expiration of that time he removed to Yuma, that state, spending a similar time in the gold mines in that vicinity.

His next removal was to Arizona and from that time until 1882 he worked in the copper and lead mines near the Mexican border.  In 1883 he went to Tucson and after a brief sojourn there, removed to Benson where he found employment in the Peabody Mines.  On the 2nd of June 1884, he came to Bisbee and during the greater part of the time until 1889 he was employed in the Copper Queen mines, first working for a short time in the Copper Prince mines.  As he was thrifty and industrious he managed to save enough from his earnings to engage in business and in 1889 he became associated with J.B. Angius in establishing a grocery.  Soon afterward C. J. Radovich also became a member of the firm and they continued in business until their place was destroyed by the flood.  In 1891 Mr. Medigovich bought a lot and erected thereon a building in which he opened the store he is now conducting.  He met with success until 1906 when he sold out to J.S. Sugich.  Three years later in 1909 he bought back his place of business which he has since conducted under the name of the Palace Grocery and enjoys a good trade.  He owns three other business properties adjoining the building where his store is located and a warehouse and residence in Bisbee.

In that city in 1894 Mr. Medigovich was married to Miss Eva V. Sugich, and to them have been born four children: George, Minnie, Dushan and Milo.

The religious views of Mr. Medigovich coincide with the teachings of the Greek church.

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